I’ve been riding a motorcycle since my 18th and I’ve owned a couple of motorcycles since then. At a certain moment I came across a Buell XB and immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, the price tag back then was way too steep for me. But luckily, times have changed because in 2016 I became the proud owner of a Buell XB9s from 2003. I love the lines of the bike but hated the fact that you only ride with 1 light. Therefor I’ve adjusted the original light with a couple of xenon projectors. I’ve made them also for some friends, but I couldn’t find enough original housings.


That’s why I started to 3D model and print the headlight housings and the LED headlight for Buell XB was born. The use of LED was done because it generates less heat then Xenon and the LED I use has a build in driver. Therefor the headlight is plug and play. 

I’m constantly working on new idea’s and designs so suggestions or request are always welcome